Pools – Municipal By-laws and Neighborhood Safety Requirements

With the warmer weather finally upon us; pool season is also on its way.  Here are some important things to remember as you get set to open your pool for the summer months.

Each Municipality will have specific by-laws regarding fence requirements around your swimming pool.  Pools need to be fenced and gates secured to ensure the safety of everyone in the area.  If you are unsure of the specific requirements in your area, it’s worth making a call to your local Municipality to ensure you are adhering to local by-laws.

Standing water on pool covers can also pose a risk to public safety as it can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and West Nile virus.  Drain pool covers regularly and check your property for other sources of standing water.  Mosquito larvae will appear as small wriggling “worms” attached to the surface of the water or swimming near the bottom. Small containers should be drained or refilled with fresh water regularly.  There are products available to treat permanent bodies of water that can’t be drained such as ponds.  These bacterial insecticides specifically treat mosquito and black fly larvae and won’t harm plants, fish or other animals that drink the water.

By taking a few precautions you will be able to enjoy your backyard swimming pool worry-free all summer long.